Text With Image Effect in Photoshop
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  • Text With Image Effect in Photoshop

    Text With Image Effect in Photoshop

    Here is  the image we are using for text effect: Link

    Step 1: Duplicate The Background Layer

    Open the image you want to place inside your text.

    Press Ctrl + J  Create Duplicate Layer

    Photoshop create a copy of the first layer, names it "TEXT EFFECT copy", and places it directly above the Background layer:

    Step 2: Add Solid Color Fill Layer

    Next, let's add Solid Color Fill layers to use as the background for our effect. Click on the New Fill or Adjustment Layer icon at the bottom of the Layers panel:

    Choose Solid Color from the top of the list that appears:

    Selecting a Solid Color Fill layer.

    I'm going to use #b2b1b1  For my Background Color:

    Click OK to close out of the Color Picker. Back in the Layers panel:

    It’s very important to confirm your color (fill layer 1) center between your two image layers:

    Step 3: Select the Horizontal Type Tool

    You can also select the Type Tool simply by pressing the letter Ton your keyboard:

    Step 4: Choose Your Font

    I'm going to choose Arial Black, but you can choose any font you like.


    Step 5: Choose color

    Click on the color swatch in the Options Bar:

    Once again opens the Color Picker. I'll choose white just as I did before.

    Click OK when you're done to close out of the Color Picker:

    Step 6: Add Your Text

    With your selected Type Tool, your font chosen and your type color set to white, click inside your document and add your text. I'll type the word "ROSE":


    Step 7: Drag your Layer below Layer “TEXT EFFECT copy”

    Drag your Text layer down:



    The Type layer now sits below "text effect copy"

    Step 8: Select layer text effect copy

    Click your top layer to select.

    Step 9: Clipping Mask

    Click on the small menu iconin the top right corner of the Layers panel:

    Choose Create Clipping Mask from the menu that appears:

    Choosing the Create Clipping Mask command:

    Step 10: Select the Type Layer

    Click on the Type layer to select it and make it active:

    Active Text Layer:

    Cliking The FX icon:

    Selecting The Stroke for Outline & Shadows For Text:




    Click OK to close out of the Blending Option:

    Go up to the Options Bar along the top of the screen and choose your font Size 60pt.

    Here is, after adding a drop shadow Stroke & font size to the letters is my final image result:


    And we're done!