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  • Logo Design Essentials for Your Business


    To exist in your market and in the minds of your customers and prospects, the logo holds a place of choice within your communication.

    It is the first ambassador of your company. The logo is more than just a visual: it conveys your values?? and projects you into the future. If it sends back a distorted image of your company, you have to think directly of the restyling for e-commerce development.

    The corporate logo is the cornerstone of the company's identity, as well as its brand image. How to create a good graphic logo for your company?


    What is a logo for?


    You must create and use a logo for your business. Here are the main reasons.

    • Contribute and represent the identity of your brand. It is part of the visual attributes of your company, its image. And to show who you are on many support and points of contact with your markets. The challenge will be to create a logo that is distinctive enough to emerge among competitors.


    • Affirm your positioning. Your communication is more precise, sharper even if a logo can not translate all the information you would like to pass.


    • Reinforce the loyalty of your customers: it is a link with your customers, a reassuring graphic element, giving confidence and participating in the loyalty to your brand.


    • Allow to identify your products. A kind of signature. With the advantage: fight against imitations and counterfeits.


    • Show that you are a solid company.



    Company Logo


    The company logo helps to create an instantly recognizable image of the company and its identity. Sometimes even values ??she intends to promote. It is thus one of the pillars of corporate identity, and also of the corporate brand.

    The artistic possibilities are today very broad, which is why one must be vigilant. Often the creators of logos are overzealous in the use of imaging technologies. As a result, the logo misses its objective. Thus, a very abstract image or, conversely, a very busy image is bad examples in terms of the company ... even if these logos are good at the artistic level.


    A good logo is a logo that bears the colors of the company. That is to say, its job (what does it do, in what sector?), its marketing target ie the customers it targets (professionals? Individuals? What peculiarities?) As well as other factors such as the values ??carried by the company.



    A good logo as the centerpiece of your identity


    The logo is the centerpiece of your identity. Indeed, its graphic design derives from other elements that serve to communicate:


    •       Letterheads
    •       Estimate
    •       Commercial documentations
    •       Techinical documentations


    Other elements are also affected according to your sector of activity. For example, goodies, bags, labels, T-shirts, etc.

    You do not think so, but having a 4-color logo can be expensive in printing costs when you use a lot of paper!

    From a decision almost banal a priori, we realize over time that the logo may not be so well suited to the practical use that is made ... or what we want to let show through as a brand image.


    Create a logo that is simple.


    You do not have to create a complicated logo.

    A good logo is not a piece of art. It's the symbol of your company. Confusing or complicated logos are difficult to memorize, and to recognize at first.

    Finally, a complicated logo makes it difficult to represent in smaller sizes such as pens or business cards.


    Do not use too many colors on the logo.


    Do not use too many colors on the logo


    The software or company that creates your company logo probably does not require extra to use many colors. However, it is best to choose 3 to 4 colors maximum for your company logo.

    On a website, a logo with many colors makes very good. But it's less the case if you use a lot of paper, business cards, and goodies. Or if your documents are likely to be faxed or photocopied in black and white.

    A logo with many colors can look like a simple task when printed in black on a white background!

    Finally, always with paper and everything that is reproduced on media, the more colors you use with your logo, the more your printing and representation costs increase.



    Be careful that the logo does not age badly.


    Be careful that the company logo does not follow the modes.

    A few years ago, fashion was the corporate logos "high tech". Today is the fashion of logos "2.0". Who knows what will be the fashion of tomorrow?

    If you remember the logos of well-known companies, you will notice that they pass all modes.



    Think about the connotations of your logo.


    As we saw earlier, the logo carries identity and image. It also carries high and strong certain values. That's why you have to avoid some pitfalls related to the connotations of your company logo. In this respect, images are better than great speeches. As we saw above, your company logo will be used in many media. Website, business cards, brochures, technical files ... better then it is all terrain! The vector graphics makes it possible to shrink the logo without crushing it. It allows enlarging without spreading it to the point of resembling a mass of patés.



    Create a logo is to think brand image, connotation and portability.


    We see that designing a good corporate logo is not that easy.

    To overcome the pitfalls to avoid that we have seen, the logo must be an all-terrain of your business.


    To summarize,


    • A good logo carries an identity

    • A good logo carries a brand image

    • A good logo is simple enough to be easily seen and memorized

    • A good logo is not subject to the modes

    • A good logo is portable in many formats (paper, business cards, etc.)

    • A good logo is adaptable (via the vector format)


    Junaid Ali Qureshi

    is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Progostech, Magentodevelopers.online.eLabelz, Smart Leads.ae, Progos Tech and eCig.