Learn How to Creat Colorful Effect Your Photo
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  • Final Image

    This is the final image that we'll be creating:


    STEP 1-Apply The High Pass Fillter

    Press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + E, it will copy all the visible layer.

    Now I choose menu Filter>Other> High Pass.

    To understand why the High Pass filter is such a great tool for sharpening images in Photoshop,

    Let's start by dragging the Radius slider all the way to the left, to a value of 2.0 pixels (the lowest possible value):


    And here we see the result. At a Radius value of 2.0 pixels,

    Here's what my result looks like. We're back to a neutral gray image for the most part, with the edge highlighting visible but still quite subtle:

    NOW i choos the layer mod SOFT LIGHT like this.




    STEP 2 Color Adjustment

    Now pres Ctrl + U > HUE/Saturation  Saturation +22



    I Have Change Red +8 Green +6 Blue -9 Make sure Tone Balance Midtones


    Our Work Something like this.

    STEP 5 Final Adjustment - Lens Flare

    Now Move ctrl + shift+ alt+ E copy to all visible layers.

    Goto the filter >render>lens flare 100%

    After that we have something like this.

    And We're Done!

    Here's the final product! Thank you for following this tutorial till the end. I hope you enjoyed working on it and followed it ok.