Latest Logo Design Trends You Must Keep Track Of
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  • Latest Logo Design Trends You Must Keep Track Of

      Latest Logo Design Trends You Must Keep Track Of


    The trends associated with business branding designs are numerous and they continue to shift from time to time. In one era of graphics, so many years ago we saw designs were developed in black and white only. Today the design strategies and latest trends has moved even from adding just colors to some elements. We now incorporate 3D design patterns that allows inanimate objects to look alive and this helps in improving aesthetics of a design concept. Design so far doesn't stop with graphics or logos alone, even as a web development company your design have to be topnotch for you to attract major companies to come sign up with you.

    A brand or company logo is the first appealing aesthetics that the entire public gets to see or notice about your products and services. More or less it is the face of your business, and just like every business representative your logo has to completely adhere to the latest design trends in order to stay relevant in the business world.

    The logo design industry is an ever-changing business sphere and being able to recognize the latest trends associated to logo designs will help you realize when your existing logo needs remodeling or an entire overhaul.


    Top 5 Logo Design Trends.


    With logos, new ideas develop fast and designers try to stay on top of these trends to improve their branding skills. But this can be a hard task for a website development company or graphics designer to keep track of. As much as designers have a hard time following up with these trends, you the business owner can keep up with these trends using the tips below:


    1.     Negative Spaces: This technique is an art that has not been mastered by a lot of designers. This design trick has been around for quite a few years and has brought in a trend into logo designs all on its own. Now we see more designers trying to incorporate this creativity tool in their design space to help enhance the entire logo.



    2.     3D Graphics: Designers are making waves with the three-dimensional design tool. With this tool they can easily add life to designs and make it more pleasing for viewers and business owners during their branding process. Business owners are also transforming their quality 2D logos to 3D logos and this shows the power of 3D techniques in logo designs.




    3.     Typography and Calligraphy: Calligraphy and handwritten typography brings a different feel and style to your logo design. So far, they have replaced the regular fonts for text elements in a logo and designers are speedily adding the uniqueness of this tool to their designs. Forgoing calligraphy or typography as a part of your design project will only make it become obsolete even before use.




    4.     Text-only Logos: If your brand is all about simplicity then a text only logo will create the perfect design for you. Also, if all the designs from the latest trends doesn't suit the picture of the logo you have in mind, then a text only logo can take effect for you. Text only logos have been in trend since 2017 and its popularity has been topnotch considering it solely allows simplicity to still be in style.



    5.     Colors: The trend with colors continues to move base every other day. It is the most intrinsic part of every logo design and branding process. For 2018, the trend with colors is resting on going as bright as ever. Bright colors help to attract customers since they provide a sense of difference amongst the majority of graphics and logos all trying to compete for customer’s attention. 




    The major trends with logos are majorly about evoking a crisp and modern feeling that will appeal to your customers. Asides from the tips stated above, there are numerous aspects of logo designs that you can also look into. Like ensuring you have different versions for different platforms and purposes. Also making your logo responsive enough for the sake of your contents and mobile users who visit your website.

    The ultimate trick is to ensure to continue checking on the latest logo design trends as it is an essential part of helping your business logo stay fresh, relevant, and effective.


    Junaid Ali Qureshi

    is a digital marketing specialist who has helped several businesses gain traffic, outperform competition and generate profitable leads. His current ventures include Progostech, Magentodevelopers.online.eLabelz, Smart Leads.ae, Progos Tech and eCig.