5 Signs Your Logo Is Not The Best Fit For Your Business Needs
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  • 5 Signs Your Logo Is Not The Best Fit For Your Business Needs


    5 Signs Your Logo Is Not The Best Fit For Your Business Needs


    The logo for your company goes far more than being just a color that pops out; it needs to be the essence of your brand identity. An SEO agency or Ecommerce development company knows your brand identity is completely affected by the font, color and shape of your logo. This means that every choice you make or these agencies make on behalf of, during logo creation has to be unique and carry a clear specialty that relates to your brand.

    Logos are one of the intrinsic part of branding projects that needs to be right. A single logo has to be the most memorable part of your business. It must also be original and carry a lot of information about your business all in one small graphic.

    Being worthy of note is the fact that a good logo can set you apart in your market niche, help you make a great first impression with customers and prospects while single-handedly conveying the message of who you are and what you do.

    A brand logo can directly impact how customers feel about your brand. The tips below will help you pick out the best logo design and execution tips to consider as you fix up your logo project.


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    5 Signs You Need A New Logo


    While starting up a business, it is one of the essential requirements to follow branding tips. These tips will help put your business out there and get you started on the road to becoming a successful business guru. Now it's been a few years of recorded success and a lot of things have to change, which brings about the need for a new logo. When the following signs become obvious, then your logo needs to be rebranded for a better and smoother business operations.


    *      Complex Design: Simplicity is key during logo creation. If your current business logo is too complex and doesn’t follow the modern day design ethics then it's time to make a change.

    *      Competitor Curve: If your current business or brand logo isn't as appealing as your competition's design, it is indeed time to uplift the entire project and make a change.

    *      DIY Logo: If your logo was a do-it-yourself project that means it is due for a change. A well-designed professional logo will have a lot of compliments rolling in. If this isn’t the case with your DIY, then opt in for a change as soon as possible.

    *      Modern Media Ticks: Your competition might be using an SEO agency or ecommerce development company to stay on top of their logo design business. You might also want to look into that and ensure that your logo starts adapting well to whatever ticks the modern media atmosphere.

    *      Changed Business: Yes, you started as a small restaurant on the corners of the street back in the day and currently you are the major food chain supplier in the entire region. That’s a massive success story that deserves an exquisite modern logo design. If your current logo doesn’t represent your business anymore, then its due for a change.


    5 Tips To Fix Up Your Logo


    Continually positioning your business ahead and staying up-to-date with all changes in your line of business can be overwhelming. Yet, it is one of the smartest ways to maintain success within an industry. These stipulated tips will have you on the right path for logo designs.


    1.      Dynamic Logo Size: During logo creation, it is essential to make your logo easy to resize. If you are the client in this situation ensure your designers understand that “less is more” and it will set them straight to deliver top-notch designs. As a designer, an SEO agency, or an ecommerce development company when creating a logo for a business ensure to make it scalable, versatile, and easy to resize.


    2.      Multiple Versions: Create alternate and simplified versions of the same logo to help achieve responsive browsing. Other dynamic options are alternate and simplified versions of the same logo in formats like:

    i.          Text-only and

    ii.         Icon-only versions

    These alternate versions will have the same design progression and when placed on a responsive website, the logo automatically converts to its simplified version at certain breakpoints.


    3.   Design Elements: When design elements are derived from your logo, they can be used to indicate menus, navigation, or buttons for a unifying experience. Similar to these elements, you can check for compatibility with mobile apps, business cards, print, and website headers.


    4.   Typeface: The typeface and graphics are equally important when designing a logo. The typeface used to represent text on your logo can make or break the entire visualized concept. Using a custom font can be a lot of work, but in the end will make your logo stand out as unique (and difficult to plagiarize). The best tip towards a great logo design is to avoid taking shortcuts and diminishing your hard work.


    5.   Color and Gradients: Use color and gradients to give letters and illustrations more depth and meaning. Colors can have a lot of impact on how people perceive and react to your logo, this is why you see most fast food brands must have the color ‘yellow’ added to their designs. If you do use colors to elevate your logo, make sure the design holds up when the logo is converted to gray scale. This will help strike a balance for text-based illustrations.


    With all the trends in logo design, it is easy to get caught up in what looks cool and lose sight of your logo’s core intent. So stick to your creative ideas, use an SEO agency to make your logo visible on search engines and an ecommerce development company to stay on top the latest modern media trends for logos.




    Junaid Ali Qureshi

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